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It is about capturing the light and the feeling from the moment.

My name is Susanna Hagström, I’m a hobbyist photographer from Sweden.

Nature and especially the sea have as long as I can remember interested me and I am more and more fascinated by seasonal fluctuations. Each season has something special to offer.
The nature gives excellent opportunities to lot of types of images also the nature is a phenomenal good place where I can find relaxation and a place to gather force.

Mostly it’s in the landscape and among people and animals that I find my motifs.
The city and the changes in street life, peoples life and the movement are interesting.
I also find motifs in flowers and details from our garden. Often, I find small abstract details in the plant kingdom.

My  interest in photography began when I at the age of 15
inherited a photo developing equipment and a old Kodak camera.

The interest in photography deepened when I was 19 and I did a course in photography and developing. Often I took black and white pictures and also I had some S.L.R filters. It was Filtek filter system, pastel sepia,blue and green filter. I also did some experiments with infrared filter. At this time I worked a summer and gathered the money for my first SLR a Pentax ME super. This was my friend for long time.

After some years me and my husband got two kids and obviously
the kids were my favorite motif for a long time and they still are.
We bought a digital camera and the first we had was a Kodak EasyShare CX6445 (4.0 megapixel).
During 2008-2009 I used a Canon EOS 400D a birthday present from my husband and my two sons. Today I use a Canon EOS 550D.

If you want to send me a mail here is my mailadress.

Photo by Thomas Hagström
Photo by Thomas Hagström